About Our Pool Service

Centre client pool programs provide opportunities that support individuals who have difficulty participating in community pool programs. Programs are offered for applicable clients ages 3 months- 18 years (up to 21 if they are still actively in high school) with a variety of programs starting at age 4+. Program offerings may differ throughout the year. Client pool schedules will be shared ahead of registration periods with clients currently on the Pool caseload.

Community programs and community group rentals are subject to availability. Please contact our Aquatics Coordinator for inquiries, 519-354-0520.

Who We Are:

Our Aquatics Coordinator is knowledgeable in the health and safety of water/ pool operations and maintenance and available to support your family in reaching their water goals.

What We Provide:

The CTC-CK Pool Program can help with:

  • Introducing clients to water environments
  • Introducing water safety awareness
  • Supporting adapted swim skills
  • Providing social development, leisure participation and caregiver and family bonding opportunities

Examples of programs offered include:

  • Water Skills
  • Sensory Swim
  • Family Leisure Swim
  • Caregiver and Me Swim
  • Teen and Tween Social Swim
  • PD Day Swim
  • Parent and Tot Swim