About Us

For 76 years, the Chatham-Kent Children’s Treatment Centre (CTC-CK) has been dedicated to serving our community as a non-profit treatment center. Governed by an elected board of directors, CTC-CK has remained steadfast in its commitment to providing essential support and addressing the diverse needs of individuals within our community.

With a team of dedicated professionals and volunteers, CTC-CK goes beyond the confines of its center, extending its reach into the community. Our mission is to provide comprehensive support, fostering growth and well-being for all individuals we serve.


To enable children, youth and their families to live fulfilling lives, with specialized programs and services that support their strengths and addresses their unique needs.


Amazing kids today, enriching our community tomorrow.


  • Family: we engage and empower children, youth, and their families.
  • Inclusion: We foster happiness coming from belonging, ensuring equity and inclusion.
  • Team: We collaborate with families, staff, and community service providers.
  • Safety: We provide a welcoming and safe place for all.