Behaviour Consultation Services

Behaviour Consultation Services help support families with children and youth who demonstrate behaviours that interfere with therapy sessions and achievement of therapy goals.

Strategies, information, and resources will be provided to help reduce these interfering behaviours and support success.

Who We Are:

Behaviour Consultation Services are provided by a Board-Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) and a Behaviour Consultant.

What We Provide:

The BCBA and Behaviour Consultant will consult with your child’s clinician about the behaviours that are interfering with therapy sessions and goal achievement, and depending on concerns, may attend your child’s therapy session to assess behaviours and develop a behaviour management plan.

Behaviour Consultation Services are short term (3-4 sessions), consultative, and are provided during your child’s therapy session. Behaviour plans are carried out by the clinician providing the therapy in Centre with support from caregivers of the child. Further clarification can be sought by clinician from BCBA or Behaviour Consultant.

Behaviour Consultation Services are consultative and provided during in-centre therapy sessions. Services are not provided at home or in schools. Dependent on available resources, Behaviour Consultation Services may be provided in community outreach CTC-CK clinic locations.

What about behaviour concerns at home or at school?

Behaviour Consultation Services address behaviour concerns that interfere with therapy sessions and therapy goal achievement. This service does not address behaviour concerns at school or in the home. Behaviour support services do not address mental health needs.

  • For behaviour concerns at school, please speak to your child’s teacher and/or principal.
  • For behaviour concerns in the home, please discuss these concerns with your child’s therapist at the CTC-CK. You may also be interested in our Client Funded Services, which address behaviour concerns in the home.
  • For mental health needs, please talk to your child’s therapist at the CTC-CK. The CTC-CK therapist can provide information about mental health services in Chatham-Kent.